The Artist, Philip Kopiczko

" VENETIAN ARCHITECTURE "    -  The style of medieval architecture elaborated in Venice, Italy. Combining the elements from the "Byzantine" Italians (400 - 800 A.D.) and transplanting European styles into a new style of high decorative quality and color.                                                                                                               " Faux "    -  a  French word for fake.  Faux  finishes are often painted using spatterdash, sponging, and feather-streaking techniques on painted surfaces to resemble as closely as possible a wide variety of textures and surfaces like marble or stone.

About the Artist - Talented artist Philip Kopiczko has been painting since his childhood.  His modern abstract works have been on display in several galleries and he has developed an impressive clientele base. He has spent the last 10 years developing his passion for Old World finishes, glaze manipulation and Venetian textures.  He has studied and consulted with Master Venetians to build a strong portfolio among builders, interior designers and other artists.

About the Company  -  The Faux Factory, a division of Pono Painting is located in "New Tampa" along the beautiful Nature Coast of Florida.  We specialize not only in high end commercial & residential painting but also the art of Faux and Venetian finishes.

The Faux Factory is committed to using the best products available for our clientele.  We use mid-range products such as Behr Premium, Venetian, glazes and metallics.  We also offer high end products imported from Italy such as Grasello, Marmorino, Travertino, and all natural pigments & tints.  We buy our products from Faux Effects and Rivedil of Italy, two of the leading suppliers of Faux, Venetian, metallics and glazes.

So whether the look is marble, granite, sandstone, or the rich luster of metallics, let us create a world for you!